Atlas Arcade – great beer and retro games in Washington

Stepping into Atlas Arcade is like taking a step back in time, where your childhood fantasies come to life – the classic retro arcade games, the bustling atmosphere, and let’s not forget the incredible beer selection. Whether you’re a Washington native or just passing through, it’s hard to deny the charm and appeal of this unique gaming hub that has everyone talking.

Game On!

Opened in 2012 in Washington’s bustling H Street Corridor, Atlas Arcade is an homage to the golden era of arcade bars. Blending both modern-day craft beer indulgence with nostalgic 80s and 90s arcade gaming makes for nothing short of an extraordinary experience. As soon as you walk through the door, you’ll be greeted by classic arcade games that will take you down memory lane – think Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Mortal Kombat, Tetris, and many more.

But it doesn’t end there; at Atlas Arcade, they’ve ensured to cater to all generations of gamers with their extensive selection of cult classics like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Frogger, The Simpsons Arcade Game, and House of the Dead among others. Hook yourself up on one of their many consoles like NES or Sega Genesis and disappear into a world of button-mashing, joystick-swinging ecstasy.

Great Beer + Retro Games = Epic Night Out

Now let us delve into the pièce de résistance that sets Atlas Arcade apart from other arcade bars – their incredible beer offerings! Boasting a well-curated list of craft beers – both local and from around the world – this spot caters to all tastes. Not only can you enjoy a frosty pint from one of their 20 rotating taps but also explore their vast collection of bottles and cans. From IPAs to stouts and sours to lagers – they’ve got it all.

And if beer isn’t quite your thing, fear not; their extensive range of distilled spirits like whiskey, gin and vodka make sure no one gets left behind on this trip down memory lane. Crafting themed cocktails inspired by classic games such as Hadouken! (a Street Fighter reference) is just one more testament to Atlas Arcade’s creativity.

Of course, if you’re looking for something non-alcoholic to sip on whilst fighting off hordes of zombies or winning your next round in Mario Kart, feel free to ask the friendly bartenders for any mocktails.

More Than Just an Arcade Bar

Besides the fantastic retro gaming ambiance and an amazing list of beers, Atlas Arcade also hosts events fostering community engagement. With trivia nights, pinball tournaments or viewing parties for popular TV shows or sporting events- there’s plenty going on at this spot that could add a twist to your night out.

So whether you’re looking for a casual after-work drink spot or searching for an exciting new venue for your next big night out – give Atlas Arcade a visit! It’s taking Washington by storm as one of the best locations for great beer and retro gaming under one roof. The lively atmosphere combined with a welcoming crew adds up to make this spot worth checking out more than once. Challenge your friends on leaderboard or meet some locals; either way- you’re sure to walk away with some fantastic memories while recapturing those childhood gaming days long passed by. And let’s face it – who can resist Street Fighter paired with craft beer? We know we can’t!